7 Sins Which Will Slow Your Metabolism and Crush Performance, Part VI

The connection between body fat and toxins, although indirect, is powerful. When your body is under a heavy toxic load your body temperature becomes slightly lowered. When your body temperature is low, your metabolism slows. A change from 98.6 degrees to 98 degrees, because of the metabolic change, can add as much as 10 pounds of body weight per year!

That’s why it’s time to give your liver a break! At Stark we use cleanses to do just that; when our clients begin to slow their fat loss progress, it’s usually due to toxins in their body.

Why is it so common to be toxic? Because there are 80,000 known chemicals in the U.S. to which we’re regularly exposed. The symptoms of high toxin levels in your body include fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, and fat accumulation below the waist.

The greatest exposure to these toxins comes from products we put on or in our bodies. The easiest to change are solvents (lotions, lipstick, etc.) and sodas. See the video for further instruction on how to simply and inexpensively lower your toxicity levels!

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